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Free State of Unity

Here you will find everything about this campaign that is public and available.

Still very rough, this is mainly information for character creation, basic setting, and anything the player will need to creat a character.

The setting is in my own created world. The game will begin in the Free State of Unity, FSU oddly enough. There are over 1,000,000 citizens in FSU. What makes FSU different from every other place in the world is that ANYONE is accepted here. There are troll communities, ogre communities, human, elf, orc, halfling, name it, its likely there is at least one of most races, if not a whole community. However, in my world, there NO gnomes, NONE whatsoever.

Each major district in FSU has a party of “Super Heroes” if you will. there is a guild/school that trains heroes for the city. At any given time, a “class” could graduate and join the fraternity that governs the heroes, when they “graduate” the old group retires, or goes into the private sector or pursues their own interests.

Essentially this is a Super Hero game in a fantasy setting.

Only a few Heroes graduate periodically, its like Navy Seals training where only a small percentage actually make it through, the rest wash out. The party will be the most recent graduating class and the first ‘missions’ (read first game session) will begin after official graduation. The community that the party comes from is one of the richer communities in FSU, and there are a variety of races, even if some of them are in the minority, so people can play what they want race-wise, with my approval.

In the troll district the Super Team is a group of Trolls, in the Orc district, a group of orcs, in the halfling district, you get the idea. You don’t necessarily have to be ‘good’ to graduate from this school and join the fraternity. It is likely that after the troll team is retired because a new crop of trolls graduated and joined the fraternity, they will become mercenaries, villains, any number of nasty things. The only stipulation is that while you are under the fraternity’s banner you work for the relative peace, harmony, and prosperity of your district, if your methods are harsh or not as ‘good’ as one would think, the results are what matters, as long as you follow the strictures of the fraternity-which will be outlined later.

The party will need to come up with a team name, a solid group theme would be good too. Everyone needs ‘superhero’ names, as well as costumes. Essentially the ‘superheroes’ powers are actually class abilities. Since 95% of all population is essentially 0th level, gaining hero levels gives the party an advantage, and those will be their powers. The warrior will have ‘an affinity for the more martial talents’, a bard is a charismatic mystic who uses some magic, the rogue has an uncanny dexterity and superhuman stealth skills, the paladins powers are granted by his faith in his god, a ranger draws his powers from nature, blah blah blah, all of them are class abilities and feats essentially.

Everyone will be starting at 1st level, essentially brand new heroes. The heroes don’t have to be friends or comrades, but they are a team, so they must work together, there can be consequences from the fraternity for improper behavior among the party.

There are restricted classes, no full casters, absolutely none. Essentially that leaves fighter, rogue, ranger, paladin, bard, barbarian, monk, you get the idea. Costumes don’t have to be cheesy tights, we want a huge cool factor here and money isn’t much of an issue, the fraternity provides for their own – to a point.

A little history of my world, 500 years has passes since the great All-Father was resealed in his parallel-dimensional prison, since then, much magic has left the world, and those with it are either revered and respected, or feared and hated, depending on where you are at and how you use it. The actual ‘heroes’ of the world have all pretty much disappeared, which is why the Fraternity was started in the FSU, however that is also why there are only a few heroes in a given district at a time, and the mortality rate can be sometimes high. Many people try to be heroes, but the knack has left much of the population, which is why there is such a high wash-out rate.


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